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eS Accelite Skate Shoes Review – Tactics.com

Check out the eS Accelite Skate Shoes at Tactics:

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  1. Everyone says the same thing…………awesome shoe but not appropriate for serious skating………they wear ou t WAY to fast….period. Even keeping in mind that canvas skate shoes are always gonna wear faster than leather.

  2. Between this and Etnies scout, which one is more comfortable?

  3. soul of the k2.
    bring that one back please es.

  4. say i wear 11.5 in marana an marana elite……what size should i get in these

  5. +Tactics Boardshop is this shoe like the nike roshe?

  6. I hate the look of running shoes, but these are beautiful.

  7. I'm not a skater and I have those shoes. It's super comfortable and light weight. I really recommend these shoes guys

  8. +Tactics Boardshop is this shoe skateable? And if so is it good.

  9. es is back in business? 🙂

  10. hi benson ive been trying to order from your shop but i noticed you dont ship to malaysia 🙁 its very hard to get skate shoes here . is there a way to still do the transaction? thanks

  11. Do a review in the es accent!

  12. You guys should start doing an on feet thing at the end of these videos

  13. Why do you guys complain when skate shoe companies make a shoe that's not for skating? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You get to support skateboarding companies and get a chiller shoe rather than support something outside of skateboarding like Nike (which I know most of you guys hate)

  14. Looks pretty sick. But what does textile do for a shoe? Is it like suede? Never heard of that material for skate shoes. 😛

  15. Why my favorite skate shoes companies are making running style skate shoes God damn it?!?

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