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Emerica Hsu 2 Low Fusion x Enjoi Collab Skate Shoe Review – Tactics.com

Check it out at Tactics — http://www.tactics.com/emerica/hsu-2-low-fusion-x-enjoi-collab-skate-shoes/black-white-orange/?cp=yt

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  1. I think the first hsu shoe was better looking…idk…it's just my taste 🙂

  2. R.I.P my Emerica Hsu 2 Low Fusion shoes:(

  3. How come you guys dont carry this shoe no more just when i wanted the shoe

  4. I love enjoi, just cause of the random stuff they have on their shirts. Such as the tags on the shirts,
    "Do not bleach
    Wash in cold water
    Do not eat"

  5. Hey Benson, should i get these or the p-rod 5 LR?

  6. Yo Benson if I direct message you my order number on twitter can you hook it up with some extra shwag?

  7. @tacticsboardshop Thanks. I'm ordering a pair off your site tonight!

  8. @tacticsboardshop Would you recommend them or should I get the Hsu 2?

  9. @tacticsboardshop Benson would you recommend these, adidas Busenitz, or adidas Skate?

  10. @tacticsboardshop Square Two STI

  11. hey benson im looking for some durable shoes that will get people's attention

  12. hey benson does the toe cap go fast cuz i really need shoes that don't give on the toecap

  13. um are they narrow like converse cause i dont have girl feet

  14. do the soles wear out quickly?

  15. i got these shoes. GREAT shoe. wax laces arent as good though. youll have to buy some new laces every couple of weeks. but its durable. great flick, great padding, and great grip. a must skate shoe.

  16. should i get th emerica westgate or emerica hsu 2 mid please answer

  17. hey benson are those waxed laces? if they so, are those on the hsu 2 mids?

  18. @iandjallday

    if you ant great bordfeel as you started to skate these shoes your choice is janoski, but it doesn't have that much heel protection soo.. if you want good boardfeel as you break em in and dude fusion is the shit i think.. and they are very stylish as everyother emerica shoe..

  19. Benson is your favourite brand Emerica?

  20. benson, would you recomend these, or janoski's?

  21. looks like theyre using the nike sb and addidas vulc sole now. good switch, not as flexible as the old emerica vulc soles but lasts way longer.

  22. Hey ,Benson!I have a qouestion!What shoes do you wear, when you skate???

  23. Im pretty sure these dont have fusion in them, only the normal mids do.

  24. I love these shoes, i think they are amazing, i love sti fusion, but there is only one thing stopping me from buying these… I dont like having the laces so low unless there is lace protecters… :l

  25. the laces look weird but cool are they wax

  26. do you get to keep the shoes you wear/review in the videos? or do they sell them after they've been worn?

  27. Buy his low his mid sucks alot of dried up gooch I hate his mid

  28. i asked for this shoe to be reviewed!!

  29. do u guys have a store in norway?

  30. And i thought the fps were ugly

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