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Emerica Herman G6 Vegan Skate Test & Shoe Review

Purchase the Herman G6 Vegan Version Here!:

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  1. Why'd you stop posting vids dude? Where'd ya go?

  2. How does the synthetic suede “breaths”? Do you get stinky feet? Thanks if anyone who has tried the shoe replies!

  3. hi plantrider. do you know by any chance weather the new nyjah free is a vegan shoe?

  4. Hey does anyone know this song?

  5. all Emerica shoes are vegan?

  6. This is not a vegan shoe I think dude. If it was, I think on their site it would have the "vegan" category on it. – For example, check out this vegan shoe: http://www.emerica.com/us/footwear/team-shoes/emery-6101000107.html?dwvar_6101000107_color=004#q=vegan&start=10 – What do you think?

  7. I'll pass on vegan shoes. Unless, I happen to buy them on accident. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy vegan shoes, ever.

  8. How do i know if the shoe is vegan or not? are there vegan nike's?

  9. Hey mate, you said nubuck but wikipedia says that's actually like high-grade leather? I was about to get some adidas that I thought were vegan but pulled out because they had a part made of nubuck…

  10. best shoes I've ever skate….now skating in my 7 pair of hermans in a row

  11. I'm skating vegan AVE's (vans) they're pretty robust.

  12. I'm getting these after my collarbone heals. Bless your heart.

  13. Hey man congrats on your videos, I´ve been watching them a lot lattely and they are really cool.
    I want to ask you a few more specific questions about you diet. maybe we can contact on anothe social media or just mail.
    Cheers man keep killineat!

  14. the best shoes ive ever skated .. its been a year and still rippin it but of course i used shoegoo too haha

  15. I have a question… I've been skating a bunch as always but I hurt my ankle a little bit ago and was out for like 2 weeks it's been like a month of skating since they and I lost a bunch of my tricks after that and can't learn anything new it's really frustrating so you have any tips on getting out of a plateau in skating?

  16. I just saw you at the rangers game. Was that you?

  17. I just found out 5 minutes ago Etnies marana's (Johnny giger's favorite shoe) they make a vegan version! the black/grey/white color is vegan. only problem is I bought the wrong grey color way /::::::::

  18. Hella skick skating. damn! And I'm always excited about new emerica shoes, my favourite shoe brand fo sho

  19. I got them on Amazon a bit ago. My favorite skate shoes that are vegan to date.

  20. We can expect you to review villager goods right? 😀

  21. wow, I hadn't realized emerica made sythetic suede. legit

  22. What makes it a vegan shoe?

  23. emerica still doesn't ship to Canada….. jesus christ its 2017 guys… companies make it extremely hard to get access to good vegan skate shoes here..

  24. Dude… that was super entertaining! You're rad!!

  25. Thumbs up for vegan skate boarding shoes!

  26. good review! didn't know this was out. how is the sizing and width of the shoe?

  27. I got the all red one Herms but they aren't the vegan ones. Maybe I'll catch you at a park around town someday.

  28. I bet it sucks not being able to skate suede shoes

  29. I feel like I'm like the only non vegan here

  30. i reeeeeeeaaaallllyyyy wish éS made the accel slim vegan!!!!

  31. broooo your channels blowing up finally

  32. nice I love your videos are you on flow for any companies ? Cause you're damn good at skateboarding

  33. Thats probably my favorite park in SA

  34. Good stuff! Gum soles are so rad.

  35. Looks pretty good, I actually like the gum. My only issue, is just like with the Servant's… they look like big ovals, they are so round and look unattractive in a sense because of that. I know this is more about performance, I just like some style.

  36. 79€ for Europe. Not really cheap. Are the Adidas Matchcourt vegan?

  37. Don't really feel the gum bottoms

  38. nice i skated the Jerry Hsu ones and they didn't hold up too well. And the red insole dyed all my socks when I sweated 😀

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