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FOAMIE & BUCKETS: season 1 episode 175. This is an early look at a pair of Jordan sneakers that release tomorrow, but what’s more important than that is that you can literally buy these for under retail before they release. Actually a very rare thing to see. What’s is happening? Is there any hype? What’s the supply and demand? Are they worth buying? All these questions and more will be answered in the video! Check it out and see for yourself! Thanks for watching as always! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share!


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  1. they're kinda "eh" aren't they

  2. This is almost a really dope Jordan. Something missing, im not sure.

  3. I like this sneaker and I dont have any jordan 5s yet in the early collection so it might have to be a cop

  4. Jordan quality is so trash. Seriously can’t believe they get away with it. Especially when you wear a us12 the smudges, messy paint jobs, glue stains, uneven textures, uneven moulds etc absolutely horrendous man

  5. I liked the video cause of the analogies at the end of the video 😂

  6. What's up with November drop Sb dunk in that bred color way? Early look ?

  7. Most people think satin is a material. When in reality it's a type of weave pattern, similar to adidas primeknit. This doesn't matter what is used as the threads only how those threads are woven

  8. These would have been so much better with leather or nubuck instead of satin

  9. They need OG releases or more limited sneakers . That way they go back to selling out and also the resell market consist of off white and older Jordan’s

  10. I got them its was a no brainer for me buy your size creasing should not be that bad really satin 1s should have never been produced at all

  11. Copped 🔥🔥🔥 for retail tho 😢😢😢

  12. Foamie…I think it’s time you change your name. Foamer Simpson was because of your love for foams back when you started but the foam hype is gone and you no longer fuck with foams. Think it’s time for a new name. How about…”The YouTuber formerly known as Foamie”? 👍🏽

  13. If JB went with the swoosh on the heel instead of the Jumpman, I think the execution would be better. I don't hate the shoe, but never been a fan of the Jumpman used in excess.

  14. Can't wait to see it in the clearance rack 😅

  15. If they had done red Nike air on back…people be being them

  16. I like the shoe, but like you said it has a lot working against it. It frays easily, creases are going to look horrible, may blend because they're black and these are 1 of about 10 offerings worth looking at in November and it's at the bottom of the demand side… I'm waiting for the "Not For Resale" Rookie of the Year, and Off-White drops…

  17. I like them just wish they were leather and said Nike air on the back

  18. They should of dig the vaults and re-retro the green bean 5's,

  19. Love the studio, shooting out at locations and video style that you guys are doing now, shout out to the host and editing ..Foamie and Buckets!

  20. I hope Jordan brand does start flopping so I can get all these releases for under retail 💯

  21. These are dope tho, they look way better than yeezys anyway

  22. I actually don’t mind these but I want to see more of the FoG Nike’s and I’m excited for the Jordan 1 Union LAs and the Not for Resale because the quality looks really good

  23. I’m waiting for the price to drop. I like the colorway so if it continues to sit. Better for me.

  24. I’m not the biggest fan of the 5’s but I’ll admit these look pretty clean in hand.

  25. Really wish these were black leather.

  26. Oh yea,must cop Concord 11's.This would be my first pair lol….😁

  27. It would be really cool if they did an off white 5 or off white 11

  28. I’ve been waiting for mochas 3s for 15 years.give em jb.

  29. You two are hilarious! 😂

  30. I got mine for 175 no tax at a Pennsylvania footlocker on release date

  31. My cat would destroy those satins…

  32. Please do a tattoo tour vid

  33. If Jordan lowered the price point on shoes like the satin 5s do you think more people would buy them for retail? If they are going to keep one off retros at retail they might as well send them straight to the outlets.

  34. These going straight to trash Foamer?

  35. When is Jordan Brand going to ask themselves, "what the f&$% are we doing"?

  36. Quality as usual. Third pair I've bought now…From soletrendshoe(com)

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