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DC Shoes Hoops Commercial. This legendary video came about from The DC skate team. This video was shot just for fun while The DC skate team were getting ready to skate and ended up being a cult classic viral video. Also seen on the Discovery Channel and MTV among others.

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  1. Shits all over Dude Perfect cos these guys are skaters, not douche bag soyboys.

  2. Hm…I used to do this tricks with my Moskvitch when I was young,but finnaly so bored I decided to start playing chess…

  3. Hey sweet video! We just started a trick shot series and they are really cool shots mind checking them out. We would really appriciate it. Well we are kidzwithagopro

  4. I thought the guy with the (blue) hat was Rob at first :p

  5. back when dc was just another chill ass show company and rob dyrdek was just another pro

  6. @DerekFuckedYourBitch Pretty sure it's Jason Ellis

  7. Why does it take a professional athlete a hundred attempts to shoot a basketball?

  8. watch?v=LfsM1MqkUWM some sick shot like DC hoops!

  9. @LRG12334 yeah. and it was also a dc ad in some of the 411VM videos I beleave.

  10. @NikolaGnjatovic
    but it's nice

  11. This would be a hard First Try Firday at the Berrics.

  12. forget what skate video this was in. but yeah its old.

  13. The Dog XD////Press over and over again 1 XD Shhhhhh

  14. Remi Gaillard of basketball

  15. this video always makes me say "how the fuck..!?"

  16. I don't care if it took 1,000 times to do these. Impressive nonetheless.

  17. lol i remember when i used to think all the dudes with a hat and dc shirt were rob.. i watched tv way too much then.

  18. caraca meu os caras botam pra fuder!! muito maneiro good.

  19. G'day Guys, hey it's pretty awesome that you can show off your artistic skills without getting a head swell. Cheers & catch ya later Mark Russell 'Spud'

  20. ese salio en el project 8 tony

  21. 4 camera men died of starvation due to all the re-takes.

  22. thow the dog in that would be tight!

  23. thumbs up if u think it is real

  24. so.. this is what pro skaters do in there free time 😀

  25. Get the boys rounded up and make a new video for our challenge! Pro Mini Hoop Challenge Part 2! Check it!!

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