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The Heathrow family introduces a new style, the Heathrow IA featuring the athletic-inspired, casual silhouette design aesthetics of the Heathrow now with IMPACT-A airbag technology. Engineered for performance, designed for life and now with IMPACT-A. Available at: http://dcshoes.com/heathrow

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  1. Buen día. Cuál es el color de las zapatillas del vídeo? Dark Shadow acaso?

  2. y duran cañon , muy cómodos pero ya me los acabe.

  3. 0:20 , his left foot reveal this shoes doesn't have arch support

  4. sexy ass ankles.. oh thas me my bad

  5. Copied Nike air max, plagiarists

  6. Sort of looks like the low Janoski's by Nike.

  7. es como si DC y NIKE hicieran una colaboracion haciendo zapatillas iguales para tener ventas desde los dos lados y creando fanatismo desde los dos lados lo unico que cambia es la marca, hoy en dia y pasa con todo :/ sean mas originales

  8. This is why dc isn't cool anymore

  9. Ojalá llegarán de esas a Costa Rica!!

  10. I remember dc from 20 years ago. made good shoes for awhile, then made shoes that blew. schredded em in under 30 days skating. then they got better again. is this dc falling apart again? cause it looks like it. you fucks tried to do "running" shoes back then as well. I remember them being shit.

  11. On heel flip and I ripped straight through my heathrows 😩

  12. Look dope but skating in those would be hard.

  13. Its not the same shoe :l

  14. Nike design and not skateable…

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