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Cyril’s skateboarding occupies that sweet spot between complete chaos and absolute control. It’s energizing, inspiring and makes you want to just grab your board and head out the door.

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  1. this whole damn thing was beautiful like in the way we all look back at good skate videos but we in this shit RIGHTT NOWW. appreciating that mf

  2. the song is: Pete Wingfield – Whole Pot of Jelly for a little slice of toast

  3. o.o ! PEEEESAAAADO!!! muito foda!!!

  4. if baker 4 doesn’t look like this i’m killing myself

  5. 3:13 love how he broke the deck

  6. 0:08 do NOT try this… my shirt smelled like so much weed its insane had to wash it like 4 times to get the smell out

  7. What is the title of the song ?

  8. goddamn if he doesnt put out the best parts

  9. I met this guy once before he was where he is now

  10. hello my name is Martin I'm from Argentina, I would like to know the name of the music in this video, I think it is sisor Sister but not with us, greetings to all, Skate 4 life !!

  11. super puper!!!! and music… aaahhh!))))

  12. why this is not on the Thrasher channel?

  13. When she sucks the soul out of you 2:15

  14. Anyone scared of the day you meet him and accidentally call him cereal

  15. fatback180s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. why this video have 39 dislikes?

  17. who needs red bull to give you wings. his dread helped him fly in that last trick

  18. I liked the last Ollie and to top it off with the snap back tail wow 😎

  19. that nollie flip was so sexy, it almost looked like he flipped it witth his front foot, and wow tfunk is such a savage , this new wave of baker skaters are monsters.

  20. Cyril Jackson Trash Compactor video is fucking insane this dude is a straight fuckin ripper.  He's just an amazing skateboarder!!!

  21. what's the stance of cyril?

  22. always great to watch. that last trick was fuckin' hearty!!

  23. RJ sempre presentes show muito bom show

  24. obviously not hating on such ridiculous skill, like the higher order of things type gnarly, but

    …. his banger was an Ollie??

  25. I do not stop watching this severe style video my nigga cyril jackson really gives me a lot of morale to keep on skidding and keep on rising level little by little that style cyril jackson is my favorite skater the best my blood..

  26. where is the hardflip nigga?

  27. The skating is that good im not even bothered by this horrible music (if you'd class it as that).

  28. dis dat type of nigga dat doesnt
    mind white boys calling him nigga

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