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DC Pure Skate Shoes – Review – The-House.com

The DC Pure Skate Shoes are a stiff, well cushioned skate shoes for the people who skate hard and need a durable shoe. The shoe is breathable for a comfortable temperature while skating. Check them out at The-House.com!

DC Pure: http://www.the-house.com/dc0pur09bgr15zz-dc-skate-shoes.html

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  1. The dc stag 2 has this sharp back-heel support that feels firm when you first try it out, but when it gets worn down, when the fabric is no longer there, it scrapes hard and sharp against the back of my heel. if only it were rounded and not squared, it wouldnt hurt

  2. if i wear down the sole, will it show to be a solid one-peice material or will it be a hard grid framed sole like dc stag? the dc stag plastic frame where the sole would be at, hurts to skate with. i think its a poor foundation. i rather have a solid peice where the sole is at than a frame

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