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Danskin Now Women’s Athena Rocker Bottom Toning Sneakers

This is my review of the Danskin Now Women’s Athena Rocker Bottom Toning Sneakers.

I am in no way affiliated with Danskin Now. I bought these shoes with my own money.

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  1. nigga you broke! i would never shop at wal-mart

  2. dunno if I am going the route where you have the knee cap wired(anchored) to the little groove it sits on…or just go for a double knee replacement.

  3. sorry about the but…I mean the key to knee health, is to have strong quads and thighs, which these help with…but they hurt your knee which defeats the purpose. I'm going to the orthopedic doc on Tuesday because while wearing these shoes…I got up out of a chair, and my foot twisted weird and my left knee popped out and back in and I think I tore something, because I felt a pop or like a pulling or whatever. I have the knees of a 77 year old I was told…and I am 33.

  4. These shoes have made my knees worse, instead of better. Yes, they did tone my inner thighs quite significantly, and my calves. BUT Caveat Emptor, I have had INCREASED knee pain and injury from these sneakers. They are comfortable as anything….but I have patella subluxation on my left leg, and my right knee has little meniscus tears PLUS the subluxation. They don't warn you about the knee issues. I got them because the key to healthy knees is strengthening your quad muscles but. continued

  5. @kimkrisrich Got them onsale at Walmart, that was a while back tho.

  6. @bandgeek1770 Where did u get them for 7 dollars? I have the Dr. scholls rocker toning shoes and Ive had them for 2 yrs already, I walk 2 miles 5 times a week in them and sometimes jog in them too.

  7. @Irochka2525 As far as I know this is just a walking shoe. I've never ran in them, you could if you needed too but I kind of think the way the bottom is shaped it would be rough on your knees. These are just like the sketchers with the rocker bottoms only cheaper.

  8. @bandgeek1770 That's sweet lucky you.

  9. I jus got them for $7, i was like 'omg are you kidding me!?' the sketcher ones run like $40-$100 and i got some just as comfortable as those for $7!!! *sigh* good deals are great 🙂

  10. @minacuesta44 You're Welcome.

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