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Converse Sea Star LS | Wear Test | Ridefourever.com

Sea Star LS wear test for Ridefourever.com featuring Mikey Santillan.

Filmed | Edited by Andrew Lovgren

Song | Summer Holiday by Wild Nothing

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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


  1. do these fit true to size? or do you need to go a size down? cheers!

  2. These are good looking but suck when it comes to skating with them

  3. MIkey sseems like a chill dude, defanitly up there with some of my favorite favorite skaters, he has great style!

  4. that guy seems so cool, i wanna skate with him!

  5. what skatepark is this???

  6. Awesome. When is Freeling coming out?

  7. Appreciate it man. I love them. They are 50 bones my friend!

  8. Heh, i might get these for bmxin OP. Nice video and editing andrew! how much are the shoes?

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