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Chris Cole(zero/fallen/thunder/g-spot skater)

This is one of the best videos you can get on chris cole.
Chris cole is a skater, about 6’1 in height/186 pounds. Is a skater that advertises,
Fallen Footwear
Zero Skateboards
Thunder Trucks
and G-Spot Skateshop.

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  1. 0:12 chris looked exactley liked ashton kutcher!!!!!!

  2. what video is this from anyone know?

  3. @noset23 I didn't mean it in any way of offensiveness toward you at all. Obviously you didn't take it that way. :S Anyways… Learn grammer? <3

  4. @jaza18 u are a fucking dipshit

  5. @Kyuma3 OKay i´m sorry i written it that?

  6. @noset23 Tony hawk is known for vert, Chris Cole's known for street/flatground. At flatground Chris Cole's so much better than him, it's equivalent to the distance between the sun and earth.

  7. @cdubleras123 yes i no much about skateboarding

  8. @Sk8mate911 you think you are something

  9. @jaza18 you think you are something

  10. that switch smith was beautiful !

  11. This dude is a good skater and all but I feel like he is just repeating himself a lot, most of this video is just him jumping off of ledges, clearing gaps and grinding/tricking over stairs. All I'm saying is a little variety never hurt anyone…unless you bail.

  12. @noset23 do you know anything about skateboarding?

  13. is that even chris cole in that video

  14. cool trix nice but tony hawk is very very much beter and him!!!

  15. best skater rodeny mullen but chris cole is second

  16. damn this is real tight and i think its all throw away footage, thats how badass cole is

  17. Isn't the g-spot a thing in a girls vagina that makes her orgasm? XD

  18. check out his battle commander video its good

  19. his style has changed alot. i cant even tell this is cole

  20. why would you watch his videos then? doesn't make sense kid…

  21. Dude not one of the best skate vids of him Ride the sky hella sick. People don't like chris cole because his style but he is still one of the top best skaters

  22. p rod is one of the best
    no doubt

  23. the filmer really likes Chris Cole crotch…

  24. 1:46 tre flip jump to another board lol

  25. that darkslide at 1:13 was in a hockey ring next to a school across the street from my house!

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