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Choosing a skate shoe 2 – cup soles – Nike Rodriguez 4

There’s more to choosing the best skate shoe than mere fashion and your budget. You need to consider the type of skating you are doing, and how much you need to protect your heels and ankles.

In part two, I review the Nike Rodriguez 4, and tell you the benefits of shoes with cup soles.

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LYNNFIELD搭載兩大備受愛戴的獨家科技:IMPACT S 超級鞋墊、SUPER SUEDE超級麂皮,前者為腳部最常 受力的區域提供防護和舒適度,緩解玩板時面臨的高 衝擊力;後者採用經典專利面料,雙倍耐用的麂皮材 質能有效加強鞋子耐用度。


  1. Yeah. I think that's what they're designed for.

  2. i think cup soles fell good when you land tricks

  3. I'm sorry but I've not experienced that problem since I was a kid, but looking at the designs, I would suggest that cup soles, which tend not to have that ring of rubber, are going to be your solution, provided you can get used to the extra sole thickness. If you do decide to buy a cup sole model, you're going to need to give yourself a couple of weeks to a month to get used to the different feel of the thicker sole.

  4. One problem i always have is with the rim around the sole falling off, like the glue doesn't hold up… so now i always look for soles that are not glued together. Like if you have had the same problem, I just wanna know 🙂

  5. Yes – that's what you've driven her too. I think her words were, "I can't tell the difference to Chris".

  6. Yes, she has said she has lesbien tendencies from time to time

  7. Yeah, and I do when I visit your wife. She says she finds it me a big improvement over her current man!

  8. I am. But I can't skate in my bare feet!

  9. Yes, that's very true, and the problem is, by mail order you have no way of knowing in advance exactly what you're getting.

    I'm the same as you – I go for protection over feel. My ankles are to weak to risk it. But I must admit these Huppy are nice, and although the canvas is insubstantial, at least they're high tops.

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