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Can every man wear white sneakers, regardless of age?

I get asked this question pretty regularly, so it was time to answer it. See my other videos about sneakers and my favorite sneakers below.

My Essential White Sneaker Video → https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o

Pick Of The Week – Best White Sneakers → https://youtu.be/DpUmRm9IFc8

My Essential Wardrobe Series → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-rtOd4_A-o&list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiP27d697feCyaYize8tjtz

My Favorite White Sneakers
$400 – http://fave.co/2FOCTpg
$75 – http://fave.co/2pcMxs7
$40 – http://fave.co/2DqjPrP

Gray Sneakers
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$250: http://fave.co/2FM7Lqr
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Blue/Navy Sneakers
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  1. Psst… its grey not gray.
    Spell check

  2. What belt goes better with white sneakers and not too dark jeans sounds like a better question…

  3. Ur's Looking sooo cute😊😊😘

  4. A man can wear sneakers long as he has his feet.

  5. Hello Ashley, first of all thanks for all the guides you bring for us men! Ur great

    I have a question which bothers me a lot, please make a video about it or answer with comment , or give a link , but please help )

    The struggle i have is with the shoelaces… Like.. I dont understand how should i tame them.. Should i hide them? or not? Cuz bow on mens shoes doesnt seem to look.. menly? and on all the pictures ive seen you posted on your site i never seen any bows.. How should i keep them hide correctly? can you please save me from the struggle i have with walking with this bows 😀 pretty please!

  6. I see elderly old men wearing white sneakers all the time…that's why I avoid them.

  7. I'm closing in on 50. Next week, I'm heading to the Adidas Outlet to buy my Stans for this summer.

  8. Ashley is a classy lady. I love her ideas.

  9. Instead of Adidas Stan Smith's. Check out Adidas Court Vantage. They look more like the almighty Common Projects.

    Greats The Royale in Blanco is also a choice along with Sveenson. Even though you have to find them when in stock.

  10. I'm 56 and I know I want to redo my wardrobe. Could you possibly do a series showing how we should shift our style as we get older. I'm stuck with clothes I want to wear but from watching a few of your videos, I know I should clean my closet. Please, Help!

  11. What companies do you recommend to get the best wide width mens shoes, ie: white sneakers from?

  12. Bullshit. You wanna look like a man, not a teenager.

  13. I’m glad I didn’t invest in those ripped jeans Ashley .,Thanks for your advice.

  14. Hey, Ashley, is there any possibility you could, in future videos, go over some style advice (do's and don'ts, bits of kit and such) tailored towards a larger gentleman?

  15. A real man knows white sneakers should only be worn on holiday.

  16. I'll never give up my biker jacket its a necessity for riding but I don't think that's the point she's trying to make… she did say "Leather biker jacket" not that men over 30 shouldn't wear leather jackets. "Real Men Real Style has a few videos covering them that you guys should check out

  17. I don't like those sneakers style regardless of the price, however i do like the canvas Vans and Sperry top-sider style.

  18. There are a lot of guys on instagramm over 30 and 40 rocking biker jackets with style.

  19. I am looking for a pair of white sneakers, but I have almost no arch. The Stan Smith's are in my price range but the arches we're unbearable. Any recommendations for white leather sneakers for flat feet at that price point?

  20. Thanks. Good subject. Interesting as always.

  21. I'm 47 with loads of disposable income. So hot young chicks dig me no matter what shoes I wear.

  22. I like it that you answering/responding to a lot of comments.

  23. I'm in my early 40s and I have a white pair of Stan Smiths, which makes my outfits look clean. I don't think the color white should have any age restrictions. The question should be "does it complete the outfit"?

  24. you make the best style videos for men on youtube way better than rmrs alpham or teachingmenf. It is a pity that you upload so slowly

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