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Boxing Shoes and Workout Shoes

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In this video I review my favourite type of training shoes for boxing training. I prefer to save my boxing shoes for sparring and fights so as not to wear them out. They are not as durable as a typical training shoes.
I prefer indoor court or a badminton shoe, they offer much more support and durability.

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Boxing Tactics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgLdxT2BRBOPmp8w_W4Zq3da

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Punching Power: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgJdSFRJo5cVSHv5jaRokG58

Heavy Bag Workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgLp94fg9NJOIO2v_sTn8ELW

Boxing Footwork: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgIX6zBaTioztsP0mTlZ-gxx

Boxing Defense: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgLO7Wr9hahc3oWZmWblzjL1

Fight Preparation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgKWyy6k4HL8o5zqpm3oGhNQ

Strength and Conditioning: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgL20u8F-UxrKJc18GrAlKTq

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Home Workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgLJFBdCeuKtv2pDGv-y1sAT

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Southpaw Tactics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgJ-eNh1YILyqqhyUzoXGzlC

Boxing Training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgKlBKAaYClkUCK3ckNaYDw0

Virtual Padwork: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgL896m_84tRwRkhuWuXKAos

Slipping Punches: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4Mb5fp5ywgLLWtiBEeCvR_AiA6Farnyz

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  1. bought a pair of Adidas shoes. Right side of my right foot, falls out of the shoe. want normal shoes

  2. I'm an Asics man, I found that putting in a decent inner sole makes them last much longer. Most runners say you need to replace trainers in 2 years even if hardly used but a decent replacement insole seems to make them like new again.
    I've done everything from sprinting to Marathon distance and still do regular 10K & 10 milers.

  3. Man thanks for all the great information!!You covered everything I need too know about boxing shoes!!And sports shoes.!!👏👍

  4. How do you feel about old school Chuck Taylor All Stars for training?

  5. I just wear hyperdunks. They’re great. Hugs my foot, lightweight and the grip you feel when moving and throwing is unmatched by traditional boxing shoes.

  6. Hi, after jumping rope i feel pain in my heel. This pain occurs next day when i wake up. After 15 min is ok whem im walking. I dont feel any pain during training. Usually i jumps on jamping rope 4 series for 3 minutes. My shoes are typical one for running. Anyone have faced something lika this? Thank you for any comments. I have been train boxing for 2,5 years

  7. I do Badminton as well.
    Both Carlton and Yonex offer good shoes, I'd recommend those

  8. My gym shoes are running shoes. My boxing shoes are vans mid cuts.

  9. for me the key is the shoe should have proper support on the outside of the toes…because as a traditional boxer your right foot you push off from sideways and normal trainers split down the outer edge

  10. Why don't you try a wrestling shoe that's worth more than 30$. Just a thought. Wrestling my whole life I have used about 100 pairs and I would recommend the higher end ones and if you want flat check out the roulon gardeners from 2011 on. I personally used the Dan Gable ultimate for EVERYTHING.

  11. A trainer is way uncomfortable

  12. finally i got the reason i feel so bad when i had my running shoes on in the ring

  13. I've never owned a pair of boxing shoes but I already decided… STRICKLY bout them adidas always have been always will be!!! doesn't matter if it's a sport or street clothes. if they don't have stripes I don't wear em. I'd wear adidas to sunday mass if I could but I'm not sure the good lord would approve.

  14. PS, can you give me some advice on shoes that protect the toe, especially the large two, that protect the muscle and fibres around them. When I'm doing my sharp shadow and bag work changing angles, I get soreness in those areas in both feet. Sometimes, they even slightly lock. thanks dude.

  15. which sneaker is best for heavy bag training? the floor is like cloth/carpet type

  16. This video is excellent and very helpful!!!!

  17. Didn't know you were from The Six! Represent!

  18. Switched to lightweight running shoe (from boxing shoes) for training. Jump seamlessly from treadmill for boxing bag floor and skipping to ring for sparring. Boxing shoe are awful for overall training unless you are doing all your work in the ring.

  19. what do you think of the Mizuno shoes?
    I picked one up for around 350$ and am expecting them to arrive soon

  20. for training i prefer using just socks because they just make you fly but sparring i use the light weight boxing shoes

  21. Jason tryna sell us part of a shoe for $100

  22. I think reebook are the best

  23. Lomanchenko is always training in boxing shoes when in camp in front of the camera. I wonder why.

  24. man i have learned so much from these videos!!

  25. Awesome video! I’ve been having knee pain when using my cross training shoes for boxing training. I switched to running shoes and had zero lateral support. This video helped me allot. Thank you!

  26. Can ryderwear used for boxing?

  27. Ive got quite a flat foot, wide too. . And have suffered from planter fasciitis in the past. Whats ur recommendation.

    Thanks very much

  28. I use wrestling shoes for everything (sparring, working out, etc.) and they work just fine

  29. what happened to your RDX gloves review

  30. Well I would like to know the best shoes for my fighting style I like to dive in deep I’m not part of a gym so I’m literally figuring stuff out on my own and I would like to know the best shoe for what I do

  31. Very interesting about the badminton shoe, makes sense. I just got my yonix's today, the exact same type. Trying them on i can feel the support and agility these shoes offer. Greatfull for the tip man!
    Keep up them vids 😉

  32. If you're doing both boxing and grappling, would you recommend the boxing shoes or the wrestling shoes?

  33. Hey JT, do you have a source for Yannicks(?) court shoes. I can't find them in the US

  34. This video pretty much helped me confirm I don't need boxing shoes simce I don't actually compete and barely spar (I want to spar but compete I doubt I could I'm 39 out of shape and have too much injuries mental issue and eyesight). I have a lot of issues with my feet and joints and I think I need more cusion than they have. And this video also confirmed my suspicions. Why sre they so expensive if they aren't much support sheesh. Can someone tell me why boxers don't wear chuck tsylors then? They seem to be pretty much what a boxer in a ring wants. The tread isn't too much and they are light and flexible minimal cushion and flat soles, with decent ankle support if younlace them up all the way and tight. That's why weight lifters love them so much. Yet I keep searching online why not and only once did I see some one recomment them. They are less expensive and you can get generics. Another thing that confirmed my theory is thst otomix brand shoes is worn by weight lifters but it was originally for fighters and I have also seem another weight training brand mention for boxing. Flat sole light weight etc. So what's the deal why not chucks in the ring? Also some basketball shoes have pivots are flat soles and are light. If you took the imserts out i bet they are good. But not the best but for me I think ok. And I'm gonna look into indoor court shoes thanks to this video

  35. What about futsal shoes? And would u recommend nikehyperKO Shield? Apparently its a hybrid boxing shoes cause the soles are different

  36. Thanks a lot JT! As always, this video is a big help.

  37. as soon as you pointed out the hard heel plastic all i cud think about was wheel kicking someone with it

  38. top notch video.

    every other video is some "expert" reading the description off of the box.

    you are actually giving us important information gathered from years of experience.

    liked and subscribed.

  39. Do you have any input on the Title Hyperspeed Elite 7" boxing shoes for a first pair of boxing shoes? I've been working the heavybag for over a year and am just starting to train at an actual boxing gym and I'm realizing my shoe game is pitiful, I wear regular athletic running shoes and want a good pair of boxing shoes but can't spring for the $150-$200 ones at this point. I like the Hyperspeeds but can't find any reputable reviews on them.

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