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Best Travel Shoes | Adidas Terrex Swift Review Men & Women | Travel Gear We Love

Best Travel Shoes | Adidas Terrex Swift Review Men & Women | Travel Gear We Love

When buying travel shoes only 2 things are important: They need to be closed-toe; and they need to be WATERPROOF! I love the Adidas Terrex Swift because it’s made of Gortex and really is waterproof.

You’ll never believe some of the things these shoes have walked through…

Travel Gear we Love is a video series where review….the things we love! Everything we review is with us in our backpack on our around-the-world journey.

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  1. Thanks Allison, as I'm due for some hiking shoes/boots, and will certainly be checking out your links.

  2. I have size 10 women's shoes but skinny feet with even skinnier heels…so shoes slip off. Such a pain. I finally found 3 pair that fit….and been wearing same brand/model for a VERY LONG time….like 20+ years lol….BUT these look like shoes I would like. Thanks for sharing! Melody

  3. You wear goretex in hot weather (like in Thailand) be prepared for hot ass sweaty feet…

  4. Do you have any recommendations for a shoe that is stylish, comfortable, and waterproof? I need something that will work as a stylish night out shoe as well as something that I can walk for miles on the streets of Seattle. Light packing is a necessity and if I can take only 1 pair of shoes that's ideal.

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