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BEST SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men’s Sneaker Trends | Alex Costa

Top 10 Sneakers for men 2019
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Topic of discussion: Which one of these sneakers was your favorite?

BEST SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Sneakers for Men
Here is my list of top sneakers for 2019! These are by far the coolest sneakers out right now, and will certainly continue to be popular throughout the year of 2019. Did I miss any?

Sneakers Mentioned:
Nike React Element 87: http://bit.ly/2TgRfl7
Nike React Element 55: http://bit.ly/2CFhRaf
Balenciaga Speed Trainers: http://bit.ly/2CHGK5b
Adidas NMD CS1: http://bit.ly/2CGU4GH
Old Skool Vans: http://bit.ly/2CFCfrz
Yeezy Boost 700: http://bit.ly/2CGUJrF
Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers: http://bit.ly/2CHemQv
Fila Disruptor II: http://bit.ly/2TiXtkq
Low Top Common Projects: http://bit.ly/2CGOfZS

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  1. Which one of these was your favorite? I listed ALL of them in the description 🙂
    Don't forget to follow my Instagram to see my upcoming trips! instagram.com/alexcosta
    Have a great NYE!
    – Alex

  2. Alex you should drop the price of the Balenciagas

  3. Vans Old Skool,,,, Simply Love <3

  4. can someone please tell me where to get this jacket?!

  5. 2:14 hmm… this gave me an idea, most of my shoes tend to get quickly ruined on the inside, while I'm keeping the outside looking fresh. You could get a roll of cork, a pair of scissors (or maybe exacto knife) and some insoles as a template and bam, endless supply of almost free, cool looking insoles 🙂

  6. Everytime i see vans old skool black (suede) i get a lil bit orgasmic . Its so minimalist yet so sexy .

  7. Vans sucks and I’m 44 years old and can’t BELIVE I’m using that language 😝love my yellow Nike AirMax
    And can’t wait till I get my Adidas Eaazy boost 700 in off white

  8. What about the triple white stan smith?

  9. Yo alex, I'll be waiting for you to get the converse x off-white like i did…..its epic

  10. i see sooo many people wearing the nike AF1

  11. Tbh and dont hate me for this, but does anyone else HATE this bulk sneaker trend?

  12. Hey! I hope you will enjoy your trip to Switzerland. I'm from Switzerland, but now I'm staying here in the US for one year.

  13. You will absolutely LOVE Switzerland!!! Ich from Switzerland and I can guarantee you, it will be amazing!!! Watch out that you see everything and don't only focus in the tourist magnets!!!
    Have a great time!!!!

  14. The Yeezy 700s make me vomit 😫😫😫

  15. I think the best shoe of 2019 has gotta be Nike Airmax 720 Aurora BorealisLike if you agree

  16. The nike elements are ramp-shaped lol, why? It makes it ugly

  17. Great video, please make videos like this with other stuff e.g. sport clothes, bags and watches. Keep up the good work, buddy!😀

  18. Nahhh chief Fila dinosaur stompers ain’t the one

  19. $770.00 for those balenciaga. dammitt…

  20. Happy new year for everyone especially Alex costa

  21. Ugly shoes in my opinion other than maybe vans and white pair of shoes are an essential

  22. Happy New year@Alexcosta
    I like that converse one

  23. Hey Alex, come to Malaysia!

  24. I have been to switzerland and loved it. We went up to the top of the swiss alps. Was beautiful

  25. I am from Turkey Alex Costa you are very cool..

  26. Adidas Stan Smith are the best white sneakers imo

  27. Hi Alex, Thailand would be amazing. Would like to catch up with you if you come to Bangkok. A big fan of yours. Cheers man!

  28. Mateus caros, para quem mora no Brasil, fica a dica, a Reseva tem os melhores tênis Brancos no mercado, chequem



  30. Where exactly are you going to go in switzerland? I can hit u up with some great recommendations! 🙂

  31. Happy new year, much love from South Africa.

  32. Alex … You should come to India too

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