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Balenciaga Triple S Breds: Don’t Believe The Hype

Complex’s weekly series Don’t Believe the Hype takes a look at what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. One of the most hyped sneakers in the last few years is Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker. So what happens when they decide to drop a “bred” colorway very similar to the Jordan 1? The hype was so big, we decided to wait on line for several hours in the rain to get these…and Complex employees didn’t hold back at all when they got their eyes on them, in this episode of Don’t Believe The Hype.

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  1. damn I guess I'm the only one in the comments who really likes these… I don't give a fuck about high fashion or designer or street wear or any of that bullshit but the ugliness of these shoes really makes me like them

  2. the big girl said no twice at the start and at the end

  3. I swear these designers must think of the ugliest shit to fuck around and see how stupid people are to buy them. I swear this trail blazing looking ass shot look like ya about to go hiking. This show looks like some shit we all would've avoided back in the day.

  4. Look like sketchers. People are under estimating the fact they make you at least 2-3 inches taller. Asians were these often.

  5. the asian girl at 3:20 is beautiful in a different kinda way

  6. I've always found that this brand is extremely ugly overall

  7. personal I believe these shoes are a testament to American culture in our current time frame. Overcompensation, Affluence, Hype, Faux Dirtiness, nineties back in style, etc..Surprised you all aren't more into them?

  8. whos that girl at 0:50 ? shes beautiful

  9. 0:48 that girl straight outta code lyoko

  10. What the hell, those are ugly as fuck. Look like tacky ass shitty Walmart shoes. If you pay that much for that garbage you're just a hype beat straight up.

  11. Damn i though blac youngsta lost weight on that thumbnail

  12. Send me a pair I'd rock them.

  13. Thy Asian bitch talking like those shoes is art. Gtfo

  14. If these shoes was going for 300 or 400, I'd believe the hype. But 850 really? For 850, I won't believe the hype.

  15. terrible color and size the shoe is legit

  16. i know they are ugly but was legit thinking what if the comfort and design is good? maybe the sacrificed looks for a better running shoe?

  17. Good lord these are ugly

  18. I’ll take them from you for free

  19. That girl looks like Amai Liu (pornstar)

  20. people just don’t know how to wear them

  21. They do look like Skechers!!

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