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Video Topic: More Alternative Luxury Sneakers?

This video is for my NON-HYPEBEASTS that like to find shoes that are a bit off the radar. I’ve found a very affordable, super high quality version of the German Army Trainer. Never heard of this sneaker before? EXACTLY 😉 Watch to find out why I jut added these to my sneaker collection

WHITE SNEAKERS UNDER $75 ⇨ http://bit.ly/BestWtSnks



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  1. APOLOGIES FOR THE RASPY VOICE GUYS! I’m getting over a cold 😓

  2. 300 for a sneaker? Hell to the no 👎🏽

  3. New subscriber here love your shit bro

  4. Where can I find the Adidas version?

  5. Copped a Christmas present 🔥🔥

  6. Maison Martin Margiela – nothing to do with flexing; simply a better quality shoe, the little differences in look are worth the money, and you can get MMM shoes on sale for $250 or less. It is a pass for me on those other branded shoes. Tried some others and they simply do not last.

  7. You can find Margiela GATs on Grailed for 250-300

  8. Beckett Simonon has one that similar to Maison Margiela and they are on sale for $99 (original price is $149). You should check them out as well. I feel like the quality is very similar to Oliver Cabell.

  9. That video was really helpful. I’m an aspiring fashion historian YouTuber and I’ve been looking at those for a while but now I have a slightly more affordable model. Thanks 😁

  10. You dont have to be a hypebeast to know that Margiela makes the best GATs, period

  11. Just peeped you like Duckwrth. I knew I liked you haha.

    Anyway, could you do something similar for the Balenciaga sock sneakers? They look dope but cost $$$$

  12. Beckett and Simonon makes them as well they look good thinking about getting them

  13. Great Video but have you heard of Beckett Simonon? The Style O.G just did a video on this type of shoe https://youtu.be/MM-kyqYMfno. Check it out $149 retail. Keep putting out great content

  14. Margs still better tho. But interesting

  15. Why spend more when you can get the same look for considerably less? If one is into conspicuous branding for the sake of flossing and can afford the price, then go for it. I'd rather keep a few bills in my wallet.

  16. yo bro Adidas were the one who created OG for army sneakers way back then..

  17. #HistoryLesson #DroppingGems #HowToNotBecomeAHypeBeast Thank you Devan. These are great alternatives to the Margielas.

  18. New Subscriber here great video Devan

  19. Bruh, is that your company?

  20. If you know where to look you can find an original pair of GAT's in like new condition for under $100. I took a chance and bought a pair from a military surplus store for $40 and the pair that was sent to me was like new never and never issued but I bought a second pair from them and that second pair was beat to hell so I returned it so its kind of a gamble.

  21. Back to Back! And I would not pay an extra $300 for the hype.

  22. Oh nooo! The secret is out now. My fav sneaker company.

  23. not that its worth $300 dollar more but the Margiela definitly looks better imo.. better shape and sole.. that ankle opening is huge on the Cabell.. for the price I perfer the addidas verison honestly

  24. i'll still get the margiela, cause you can find some way under retail when they go on sale or on grailed. plus if i get bored of them, i can still sell them and get some of my money back if not majority of it due to the brands name. imo its a better investment.

  25. Two things:
    1. You saved me from becoming a hype beast. I would rather pick these up than the Yellow Yeezys dropping soon. (Flexiablity > Flexing)
    2. I actually might buy the adidas ones because they come in a tan chalk color. (I will admit though, minimal branding is the best)

  26. Personally I would rather flex the fact that I know how to style clothes I see from the thrift shop 😎

  27. Loving the videos this channel will soon grow. Can we get another video on wide fit pants or different pant in general.

  28. Thanks for the info. Hope you start feeling better.

  29. Woah that's actually a pretty interesting break down of that shoe's history. Never knew about any of that 👌

  30. OC would be my choice forget the hype

  31. I’m not about flexing. I’m about supporting these direct to consumer brands! Great info Devan!

  32. This right now, it is the best fashion channel going. Unfortunately, when it comes to tmf and alpha m, they're just going downhill 2 ads in some recent videos, crazy. But with devan he's keeping it original, catering to everyone and I love it.

  33. Who’s the guys insta you was looking at?

  34. I just got my Beckett Simonon GATs that are nearly identical today! $150 retail but got for $120 with code! Fullgrain calfskin and suede and also full leather lining in same white with light gray uppers and gum soles!

  35. I love Oliver Cabell. They’ve honestly become one of my favorite go to brands. The quality is the there, the prices are amazing, and their customer service is just top notch. Their GATs are some of the best out right now.

  36. Thanks bro for keeping it 100 and giving us your true honest opinion even if it was “sponsored” I know I could trust your opinion either way! 🙌🏼

  37. As a broke 3rd world country guy: The Adidas GAT's are my thing. 😂😂😂😂

  38. 🔥Another banger video 🔥

  39. Been looking for gats thank you❤❤

  40. Best menswear youtuber no cap❤

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