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Adidas Matchcourt Na-Kel Slip-on Skate Shoes Review – Tactics.com

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The Adidas Matchcourt Na-Kel Slip-on skate shoes take the original Adidas Slip upper and add a little bit of flair courtesy of Na-Kel Smith. A solid black upper features embroidered roses and lavender pops on the sole and insole. Built on a classic vulcanized outsole the Matchcourt slip has everything you need; from key skate inspired features built for durability, to a clean lines and a classic silhouette.

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Watch more skate shoe reviews from Tactics Boardshop: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUt2JtFd-wFoMEV1HlIROzEiB2RTVbZQC

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  1. Is it jus me or do they look a bit like suede loafers built a bit more for skating

  2. What the fuck is that

  3. 3 roses for Nak's 3rd colorway💦

  4. "Has this removable insole, a little bit thinner than the regular matchcourt."
    Great, the insole in the regular matchcourt was already the worst insole I've ever skated.

  5. The insole on the other ones already suck and now they're making it even smaller 😂

  6. These are not even out yet or am i trippin???

  7. I guess they all can't be dope! Lol looks like an old Ed hardy shoe or whatever his name was lol nakel is dope tho

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