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7 Things You Should Do TO FEEL Better EVERYDAY

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  1. Can I pls make a video on how do simle or how can we smile better

  2. Really nice brother Jose….I am from Tamilnadu, India

  3. Can we see more of your dogs

  4. Jose Zuniga for president !

  5. Man, your muscles are huge why is that a thing

  6. If you're reading this, look up Tomy Robinson's morning routine. It makes you happier and helps you really accomplish what you want to


  8. Being with family should be #1 not #6

  9. Since i retired i don't have a morning routine. I don't have mornings. Catching up on nearly 50 years of getting up at stupid o'clock. Mornings are definitely overrated.

  10. Did he tell us that having sex every day is good for our health

  11. Lots of love from india..

  12. Jose is the man. I tried your tips and feel a new person. Thank you brother keep up the good work.

  13. I'd feel better if you change your background in videos sometimes 😀 #nohate

  14. So have sex everyday, ok got it.

  15. Alex Costa is better than u

  16. Meditation should be on here, it's honestly the best thing you can do for yourself mentally.


  18. I never knew u had dogs and i watch all your videos😱

  19. try to cut down the selling please, its annoying when 75% of the video is you trying to sell a product

  20. That's what I'm talking about, that's a new content. I really liked it, thanks jose ❤

  21. iNCOMINg – the TIEGE HANLEY jokes :)))

  22. That is thumbnail though. Do not have yourself looking like an entire snack. The thoughts that ran through my mind!

  23. I already feel better after watching this video!

  24. Jose: 7- You wanna TouCH ppl…
    Me: wait wh-what??

  25. Almost everything that you offer us i can't get because i don't live in the USA😢

  26. Your shirt just like my grandma dress..

  27. I think you should be a jobless..

  28. Where did you purchased the face brush from

  29. When will esntls be restocking??😅

  30. once i rub my tiege hanley at rat now he is elephant

  31. Some other things that help:
    -Don't fap
    -Eat healthy
    -Cold showers
    -Learn something new everyday

  32. Bro I want some money help from you.Bro you are honest man so please bro help me.I will be very thankful to you.plz bro reply me back.

  33. I clicked on this video because I was curious to see if I should stare naked and look outside my house. Honestly I'm indeed feeling better..

  34. do a teen style video plz

  35. When are you guys restocking on the ESNTL Ts?

  36. I think I should make channel to smh I care about my appearance a lot 😂

  37. Every video is an ad 🙃

  38. what brush are you suing?

  39. So you want me Looking out my window with a towel on with my phone in hand. I believe that's how men get on the list lol

  40. U really about changimg my life routine
    U r cool!!

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