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7 MEN’S FASHION RULES Every Guy Should Follow (For Beginners) | Alex Costa

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Topic of discussion: which of of these men’s fashion rules do you break?

I know that a lot of you guys who watch my videos are just now getting into fashion. Maybe you found me through a video about grooming or hairstyle, but now you want to make sure that your outfits are on point too. So today, you’re gonna learn 7 Men’s Fashion Rules that Every Guy Should Follow

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7 MEN’S FASHION RULES Every Guy Should Follow
Beginner’s men’s fashion rules
Fashion Rules Every Guy Should Follow

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  1. Hope you guys like this video! It's a great start for beginners who want to look amazing!
    Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/alexcosta
    Have a great day!
    – Alex

  2. Hey Alex! Why don't you make a vlog on your channel? That would be cool and we'll learn a little bit more about your experiences😅

  3. Wtf i wash my clothes in cold water but they still get faded smh

  4. Hey Alex, I start subscribed on ur channel the first day I got my own phone.. I always wanted to be a hair dresser for men.U help me a lot. From hair to clothes. Thank u sir from phillipines.

  5. How to buy tailor store piece in Pakistan

  6. if you can do a hairstyles video it will be great and great video Alex 😍

  7. Tailor store size app is not determining my size why?

  8. Imma disagree idc what y’all say but I am getting into fashion

  9. I've been following you for a long time but every time I feel like I'm a beginner 🤭

  10. Thank you for the inspiration man means a lot💪👊

  11. Where did he get that leather jacket

  12. Hola soy muy fan tuyo será que alguna vez pasada en castellano o Hay alguno que sea en castellano gracias

  13. Best video ever lots of love from dubai

  14. We have a saying in my country : "They greet you by the clothes,and send you by the brain",or something like that *excuse my french*.But if they greet you in a well fitted shirt,chinos and some white Commons-they will prolly not send you back at all lol

  15. I'm from Pakistan and I seen your all videos best

  16. I just gotta say… His jawline bis sculpted af

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