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CHRIS HACKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESatVOWBVi4
STICK FLICK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yivdOjKKx60
DALE GOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqnYtxS5pqw
FOAM GRIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdkDa28vbe4


Welcome to another video, thank you so much for tuning in, peeping game, and hopefully enjoying what we’re doing. I appreciate the HELL out of all of the love and support, youtube i a crazy world so mad respect to anyone helping out.

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  1. When I was young I used to put duck tape on my shoe to get a little but more shelf life.

  2. I get holes in my vans after one day

  3. Screw the non abrasive. I’m going with the pickle rick.

  4. Go to second hand or charity shops and get cheeped shoes you don’t mind destroying

  5. Just imagine if he dropped the shoes from the balcony

  6. Rad rat video made a great video about dkl grip

  7. Why does it seem nobody on youtube skates emerica

  8. My problem for shoes is that the bottom part rubber deteriorates where the balls of my feet are and I can’t decide if I buy 15 dollar shoes ever month or a 100 dollar pair ever couple of months

  9. I got Janoski sb zoom, worst skate shoes to be hones. 0 board feel, had vans os pro before. will go get them again.

  10. About the shoelaces, just put them in the hole that your foot goes, the shoeglue is basically just glue, the non-abrassive griptape i'm pretty sure only ships in america and the shoe patches are actualy a really good idea but don't look all that nice.

  11. And that hot glue stuff works great in hair, too, I see.

  12. The hack I used to make my shoes last longer was to buy Lakai's.
    And now I'm going to buy some Colin Nike's too. Swoosh!

  13. If u have a hole put duck tape in the inside of the show and full in the hole with glue gun

  14. I use duck tape and a blow dryer fix my holes

  15. Stick cardboard into the shoe where the hole has formed

  16. 1:59

    I hate when people say you’re welcome when I didn’t say thanks.

  17. my nike sb shoes lasted 1 week and now theres hole and im practicing ollie with them

  18. duct tape! just tape around em each session

  19. I use layers of duct tape and stick them inside the shoe rather than outside so it doesnt ruin the overall appearance of the shoe that much

  20. Instead of buying stik and flik you can get a roll of athletic tape. It basically does the same thing

  21. Im new to skateboarding and i bought a vans and the shoe is made out of cloth, it did last a week but when i was learning to do a ollie, then the my right shoe started to get holes and im crying (im goofy btw)

  22. I think you should score the non abrasive griptape

  23. Yall out here wasting money on shoes just skate barefood lmao

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