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19 Things Men Should Never Wear – Men’s Fashion & Menswear Style Mistakes & What Not To Wear

Find out what not to wear if you want to be stylish here: https://gentl.mn/things-men-should-never-wear

Master the Half Windsor knot – https://youtu.be/TEA96aV2f6E
Black bow tie guide – https://youtu.be/CRfzen17RX0
How a suit should fit – https://youtu.be/ZQzvKaqu8gY

1. Charcoal, Purple and Blue Silk-Wool Pocket Square – https://gentl.mn/2xCzQtt
2. Navy and Yellow Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks – https://gentl.mn/2wWm881

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00:38 Sandals
01:40 Cargo shorts
02:03 Matching tie & pocket square
02:39 Short socks
03:04 Necktie with a dress shirt when the top button of a dress shirt is unbuttoned
03:38 Big shirt collars
04:18 Square-toed shoes
04:56 Tennis socks
05:09 Windsor tie knot
05:38 Satin silk ties
06:34 Sports sunglasses
07:05 Jerseys
07:28 Slogan shirts
07:55 Regular necktie for black tie events
08:27 Belt with a vest
08:52 Backpacks
09:25 Incorrectly sized ties
10:06 Large armholes
10:21 Big wristwatch

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  1. Want to know my # 1 pet peeve? YouTubers asking me to check out their other videos in the video I'm watching. Oh, and by the way, I in fact do want to look at hairy calves, and if they're in cargo shorts, even better. And another thing, how dare you make fun of my tiny head and gigantic tie knot! Any man that spends more than fifty dollars on a tie is, in your words, a dooshbak.

  2. Used car salesman are tacky. I was a used car salesman with a J.D. but let's not talk about divorce lawyers. I sold cars for many years because it pays very well if you have the skills. I liked that you meet and close in the same day. No long escrow such as real estate. I also was real estate broker but it grows tiring soon enough.

  3. He looks like the last guy who entered the house on Bird Box. Really scary

  4. Those shoes are horrendous

  5. This guy was beaten up a lot as a boy..

  6. If you want to be very picky, you would only wear a wing tip collar dress shirt with a white tie dinner jacket / tuxedo, not black tie.

  7. Who looks like a “Deutschbag” (1:42)?

  8. If your tie doesn't put a tickle in your pickle, it's not long enough.

  9. brown shoes and blue suit–never !

  10. Anyone else laugh when they saw his “custom suit”

  11. At last… A well-dressed chap who knows only too well that 'clothes maketh the man'.

  12. Wow ! What a bunch of insecure comments. This guy is just giving advice. You’re all like the woman who hated Martha Stewart because she could tell us how to cook anything. You can go to this advice when you need it. It may come in handy sometimes. Don’t be so defensive people.

  13. I'd rather wear a great kilt.

  14. dead ringer for Max Bialystock – cardboard belt or not

  15. Also this guy must fight with his wife for closet space, if he has one.

  16. Don’t use a backpack cause it makes you look like a boy….. buy a leather man purse instead.

  17. What’s wrong with showing your toes ?

  18. So much hate from dude bros and rednecks. It's not his fault that majority of you peasants wear rags and sandals with sock everyday. LOL

  19. You mean 15 things I can never pull off and a few that should absolutely never be worn?

  20. 10:46. That is the worst suit ever. ever. He looks like a clown.

  21. Seems like somethings neckbeards would wear

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