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100 Years of Fashion: Halloween Costumes ★ Glam.com

Carving pumpkins, sipping cider, and trick-or-treating may all be indicative of Halloween, but nothing gets us into the spirit more than dressing up. For centuries, people have celebrated Halloween with costumes that run the gamut from spooky to sweet. Today, we’re revisiting Halloween costumes one decade at a time, and ending with a 2015 costume guaranteed to break the Internet ★ Visit http://www.glam.com

🎃 Model Ashton https://instagram.com/ashtonish/
🎃 Music Tracks on Premium Beat –
Trick or Treat by: Notes Productions
A Quite Extraordinary Tale by: Richard Canavan
Good Call by: Olive Musique
Bump in the Nightby: Emmett Cooke
Mario’s Drum Circle by: Brightside Studio
Choir Bus Chase by: Brightside Studio
Unhuh by: Brightside Studio

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  1. No ones talking about 1995, it’s the little girl from the No Rain music video

  2. I might just dress up in a traditional 1915 costume next year cause that is some creepy shit…

  3. i love how as the years go on, the costumes become less and less scary

  4. En 1995 se disfrazó del Borussia Dortmund

  5. I liked soley based on the bumblebee girl costume

  6. Pop Culture references turned into costumes over 100 years, would’ve been a bit more accurate title. This was badly inaccurate. It seems like whoever directs these videos takes their personal opinions about each era and poor research into the process of making the video. Unfortunately you don’t have to be good at anything, you just have to intrigue people long enough for them to believe it.

  7. The 1935 is actually, very disturbing

  8. I actually liked the first 2 🤔

  9. When I see how inaccurate is 2015 in this video I now question the accuracy of the whole video

  10. Some of these are better then normal costums

  11. It went from spooktober to slutober in these past 100 years

  12. this is not accurate for all costume styles. as women seem to use Halloween to dress like something…but normally a reason to get next to naked….then the SJW say DONT LOOK AT ME… Im sorry i just wanted to say…YOUR VAGINA IS SHOWING!

  13. Oh I would totally dress like vintage Minnie Mouse

  14. That Minnie mouse mask is going to give me nightmares.

  15. minnie mouse and before were creeeepy.

  16. What in God’s green earth is the music for 1:56

  17. the Minnie mouse looked like a more terrifying version of bendy n I think bendy is evil disney

  18. How are you supposed to walk around in the last one?

  19. I like all of them accept 1915….1935…2005….2015….

  20. the first one and the minnie mouse was the scariest

  21. 1915 and 1935 was the scariest one

  22. So we go from the real meaning to bitches just walking around like sluts then complaining there only used for one thing? Lol

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