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100 Kickflips in the Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV with Nora Vasconcellos

Brand new CCS team rider, Nora Vasconcellos comes in blazing with 100 Kickflips in the Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV Shoes. She wanted to do her first 20 on some transition, and we thought that meant to fakie or something, but sure enough she took the first 20 to axles, rock n rolls, disasters, and pivot fakies. She also peppered in all sorts of difficult shit for the next 80 on flat ground. Sure enough, the shoe built for a high-tech Frenchman held up pretty well to the 100 Flick Challenge. Pick up a pair today if you like what you see… Where you ask? It hurts that you even have to ask, but CCS. CCS is the correct answer.

Shop the Adidas Lucas ADV at CCS.com: https://shop.ccs.com/adidas-lucas-adv-shoes-c

Shop Nora’s Welcome Pro Model at CCS.com: https://shop.ccs.com/welcome-fairy-tale-on-wicked-queen-skateboard-deck-nora-vasconcellos-pink-8-6

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  1. Nora come over and do 100 front bigs with me doll face <3

  2. these fucking shit videos are making me angry…. every fucking shoe is the same… i hate this stupidity… YOU CLOWNS

  3. fuck i thought it was death grips at first

  4. 100 kickflips is like 1 sesh

  5. she’s a babe and she rips

  6. Yall some thirsty hooligans

  7. that moment when you love you some nora but you're trying to work out if she'd love you back…

  8. Nora is gorgeous and she rips. There’s no better combo.

  9. Now do 100 frontside grinds with a new pair of trucks!

  10. her hand went behind her back on every single one. for real its weird

  11. Now this song is in my head for the rest of the day

  12. i think ollie has most damage on the shoes

  13. Is it just me or does she seem like she’s having a bad day she looks so pissed off she normally very happy

  14. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💖💖💖💖💖💘💘💘i love you nora

  15. I would skate the fuck out of that board.

  16. This guy like “get out there n do some more!” She prob thinkin how bout u do 20 fatass

  17. i would definitely suck that panny liner

  18. why is watching her arms flopping about doing kickflips on the blue lagoon so hilarious tho

  19. hahahh have you ever done a hundred kickflips just shreds lololol

  20. Im waiting for some dude to just eat shit so badly doing this they can't finish the 100

  21. SHHHiiiiiiit Nora.. Rocking Pet shop boys..
    Full Foot Nora. Keep Pushing Your Sick.

  22. That fakie kickflip then the kickflip pretzel land

  23. Nora, lucas adidas, AND this song? Like!

  24. They really played the song in Lucas’s adidas part

  25. I feel bad for whoever had to edit this video..

  26. She's fucking hot. I'm in love

  27. i was there when they filmed it haha

  28. Kind of a shame how most of the comments are some variation of "she's hot" or "my bae" and not about how she has good style and rips it on the mini ramp.

  29. Do a 100 powerslides in some wheels

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