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10 wardrobe essentials for French style | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte

There are 10 key pieces necessary in your wardrobe if you are interested in French style and want that “Parisian chic” look. At least that’s what I observed among my people…
A French wardrobe is curated to include timeless pieces and pieces that flatter your silhouette.
On a scale from 0 to 10, how French are you? 🙂

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Here is the series on dressing for your specific body type:

And here is my previous video about French style rules:

Key pieces mentioned:
– White shirt
– Tailored blazer
– Ballerinas or loafers
– (Little) black dress
– Perfect T-Shirt in several colors
– Turtleneck sweater in a cosy fabric
– Pair or dark blue jeans
– Huge scarf
– Purse where everything fits
– Back and pointy high heels

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  1. I love your videos, I wish I could ask you a few questions in person. Thank you for amazing videos.

  2. I only lack the huge scarf, and kinda will never have, somehow it doesn't feel my style
    But overall, I feel proud for being so French without knowing 😂😂

  3. Tu es bonne ma belle ♡♡♡

  4. So, I am an Italian, living in Spain, working in English and dressing like a French!😎 😆 Ça c'est super!.

  5. I own every staple piece from the list and I am Serbian lol !

  6. I am from every country when it comes to my wardrobe! I have a French wardrobe for sure. But then I have a preppy wardrobe, and a glamorous wardrobe, and a casual chic wardrobe. I could go on because I have an obscene amount of clothing. This would help me to get rid of some things. But, there is not one thing I own at this point that I would not have worn 10 years ago and that I wouldn't wear in 10 years. As soon as I found out what that looks good on me, I just kept purchasing. I think that may be the American way, unfortunately. Fortunate for those fast fashion houses, which disgust me. I have an entire wardrobe of ethical clothing at this point. Also, I have gotten rid of all clothing with logos whether it be from Chanel, LV, or Steven Abercrombie. Yes, I did shop at Abercrombie once upon a Time.

  7. What would a french woman wear as a guest to a wedding?

  8. What are your favorite stores/designers?

  9. Wow! I'm American but this is me right down to picking out clothing items. I've been really into French fashion lately. New subscriber!!

  10. Hi Justine, I love your videos, where can I buy the T shirts in Australia, good quality? thank you kindly.x

  11. I really enjoyed your video Justine. Awesome

  12. Bonjour. What is your opinion of 50+ women wearing hoods? Like on a sweat shirt or a zipper hoodie?

  13. Thank you again Justine! You are so good at this! I have a question about high quality brands we might find in California. Any recommendations?

  14. I love this kind of style l should have been born a french woman…

  15. Hi Justine, what do you choose as a basic color if white does not match your skintone?

  16. Hi! What’s good to wear during the 1st few days of December. Your help would be great

  17. Actually I only have 4-5 but I Adore them!:)

  18. Love your vids, but I have just a tiny comment, Justine. " Clear" is not "clair" regarding color. The word you are looking for is "light", or "lighter".

  19. I love your channel . It’s very informative ! Thank you for all your tips.

  20. Love this video and all the others you do😘

  21. Justine is the best – pretty , well read and lovely 😊

  22. Super useful and fun video! 😀 ….question: what about skirts in France? Anything in particular about them there?

  23. I love your last 4 tips! I live by those! I rather spend my money on high quality pieces I love and know will last rather than buying a piece that is cheap, will lose color and shape with in 2 washes

  24. How about a leather jacket? Should it be fitted, or loose & sloppy (like the female property of a Hell's Angels). Should it be black? What are good brands?

  25. Same as in the US. Nothing "French," about it. I have dressed this way for years.

  26. Can you please do something similar but for men? Thank you

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