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10 Most Expensive Shoes You Can’t Afford

10 Most Expensive Shoes You Can’t Afford

Gone are the days when shoes were worn for protection of the feet. Today’s shoes are more of a fashion statement than utility and there are a couple of shoes that not everyone can afford. Besides, the ridiculous thing is some of them cannot even be worn at all. Why buy a foot wear you can’t wear? If you think that’s ridiculous, check out this list of the 10 expensive shoes you can’t afford.

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  3. Sorry, even if i could afford them theyre all horribly ugly and wouldnt buy any of them

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  5. 10 Most Expensive Shoes You CAN'T AFFORD! Many people can afford it so it should be10 Most Expensive Shoes in the world!

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  7. My dad gets 10 million a year

  8. You can’t just assume that we can’t afford it okay what if we can

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  11. If a Girl looks at my shoes before she looks at me she is a Snob and NOT
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  12. 100% Nike shoes
    1% aren't not Nike shoes

  13. And what if I was Bill Gates? Still can't afford?

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